This is the equipment; kept separate and not used for anything else.    Have used sanded down yard sticks with rounded ends, when I didn't have real lefse turners,  and  have used an electric skillet when I didn't have a lefse griddle,  but this griddle heats to 500 degrees...that is the only thing different about it.   If you use a regular one, turn it to HIGH and let it get HOT.   NO GREASE ever.  

The ricer is for the potatoes....    the rolling pin is a lefse rolling pin that makes little squares in the dough and  makes them paper thin.  You can get one in any kitchen store.      The blue handled brush is to clean any dough out of the rolling pin if some sticks.  (You can wash the rolling pin, but dry it thoroughly immediately.   Don't put it in the dishwasher, of course).  The big salt shaker is full of flour so I can sprinkle some on the rolling pin, the cloth and some on the lefse itself as needed for rolling. 

You want to use as little flour as possible, but it takes a lot to roll them so thin.

The plastic disk is covered with cloth... but, you can roll them out on the counter.  This is a pie dough plastic disk with cloth covers to go over it from QVC.

So... you don't REALLY need special equipment, but since we make them twice a year, have finally gathered good equipment after just using what was handy, for years.


I roll them... Don flips them, and the grandkids eat them about as fast as we can make them!!... but the recipe makes a LOT.   You can package about 6-8 in a freezer zip lock, and toss them in the freezer after they are cooked, and they are delicious all year.   We put butter and sugar on them, roll them up and microwave them for 20 seconds, when we bring them out. 

The thin lefse sticks are about the only way you can handle them they are so thin.    Start your thin stick under it at the edge and work your way to the center and then lift them.


After they are cooked, you tuck them under a towel covering to steam them just while you make the rest.  This is one batch....after we have eaten as we cooked.


When it starts to brown, you flip it... then it bubbles up and the bottom bubbles get brownish and you take them off.  They cook quickly.   Paper thin.  No grease,  nothing on the hot skillet.



lefse preparation         Click here for how to prepare the dough


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