USS Dennis Radio Room 1944
Standing Left to Right,
Arthur Bedell (KY)
T.J. Cameron (TN)
Thomas Sheil ( NY)
Wilbur Von Holten ( NJ)
Seated, L,
Don Spangler ( MD)
Front Center,
Charles Touzell ( PA)









William R. Peterson
PA   Plankowner

Tom A. Stansbury

T. J. Sheil, Jr.
NY    Plankowner

Thomas E. Hill
PA   Plankowner


Salvatore Palermo
IL   Plankowner


Roy C. Goedecke
TX   Plankowner

Robert R. Fletcher

Robert C. Scott
TX   Plankowner


Ray A. Carlson
OH   Plankowner


Phillip J. Mutulo

Percell L. Worley
PA   Plankowner

Mathias H. Winzen
CA   Plankowner


Madison R. Stevens


John N. Hines
MI   Plankowner

John M. Smythe
IL   Plankowner

John Kana


James V. Hilton
FL   Plankowner


James L. Frey
PA   Plankowner

James H. Williams
AL   Plankowner

Jacob W. Gilstrap
SC   Plankowner

Howard M. Bollinger


Homer F. Hanscomb Jr.
MA   Plankowner

Harry L. Melton
SC   Plankowner

George A. Janacek

Fred J. Graziano
NY   Plankowner


Frank R. DiBella
NY   Plankowner

Edward R. Norquist

Edward J. Cafferty

Dominic A. Turso
FL   Plankowner


Dominic R. Larereo
MA   Plankowner

Daniel M. Brown
MI   Plankowner

Bobby J. Meyers
MN   Plankowner

Bill Igo

Joe Carrozzi
CA   Plankowner





Wilbur E. Von Holten
             NJ    Plankowner

All Pictures submitted by
Jeff Von Holten,



Picture from Mary and Ed Cafferty
October 1994, Pensacola FL, 50th anniversary of the Battle of Leyte Gulf

FRONT, L: Sam Palermo, Ed Norquist, Dom Larareo, Joe Carrozzi, Ed Cafferty, Matt Winzen

MIDDLE: Frank DiBella, Carroll Arnold, John Smyth, Frank Tyrrell, Ralph Rathmanner, Bob Fletcher, Roy Goedecke

BACK:  Phil Mutulo, Bill Igo, Bobby Meyers, Jake Gilstrap, Matt Stevens, Fred Grazino, John Kana


Reunion Pictures below from the Edward Cafferty Scrapbook


Click to enlarge these pictures



Our father, John W. Hoyer, who served on the USS Dennis, passed away on March 27, 2010.

He was very proud to be in the US Navy, and to serve on the USS Dennis. He loved to deep sea fish in his retirement years. We would go down to the New Jersey shore in the summer and I remember him sitting on the deck of the hotel with binoculars, watching the ships and sail boats. He never talked much about the war days and his experiences, just his pride of being in the Navy.

My brother and I were very lucky to have him in our lives. He was a very hard working man and did everything he could to keep our family happy. He was one great man and a great father.

In this time of deep sadness we send best wishes to all our Veterans - to all the men and women who served in the armed forces.

Sue (Hoyer) Reifinger and Mike Hoyer

Dan and Ruth Brown

Frank and Angela DiBella

Joyce Wagner, Percy Worley

Roy Goedecke, Fred Graziano

Madison and Dot Stevens

 Ed Cafferty. Roy Goedecke, Fred Graziano



Dennis (DE 405)

  • 15 September 1943: Keel laid at Brown Shipbuilding Co., Houston TX
  • 4 December 1943: Launched and christened, sponsored by Mrs. J. L. Dennis, mother of Radioman Third Class Dennis
  • 20 March 1944: Commissioned, Lcdr S. Hansen, USNR, in command
  • 31 May 1946: Decommissioned at San Diego, CA
  • 1 December 1972: Stricken from the NVR
  • 12 September 1973: Sold, scrapped



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