Lewis T. "Cully" Miller



Lewis T. "Cully" Miller was the oldest son of Walter C. and Eliza Miller, Dupree, SD.   He was married to Margaret Miller.  His Children are Lewis (Lewie), Eliza (Liz), Margaret (Maggie), Robert (Bob), Gerald (Jerry), Jean and Donald (Donnie).  


Cully holding Bob, Margaret
and Eliza (Liz).




Back:  Grandpa Walter, Cully, Casey, Grandma Eliza, Fred, Margaret.  Front:  Lewie, Marlene, Maggie, Eliza, Bob, Jerry, Ann.


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Eunice, Fred and
Cully, sitting

Eliza with kids,
inlaws and grandkids

Ginny, Dawn, Lewie,
Lorna and
Adella,  Cousins

Eliza and Walter with
6 grown kids. 
Fred, Iny,
Donald, Cully,
Casey and Verna.

Cully and Fred


Eliza, Walter and
entire growing family

Fred and Cully.

10 "Miller" cousins...

Family...   look at
that wind!




Iny, Grandpa, Art F, Grandma, Casey, Verna, Fred, Cully holding Bob, Margaret.

kids  behind:  Lewie, Mary and Dawn

front:  Marlene, Donald, Ginny,  Lorna,  Maggie, Eliza


1957 Family Gathering for Grandma Eliza's Funeral.


Casey Miller and Clint Farlee, 2006 

Clint and Jean Farlee

Clint and Jean at the famly
reuinion with younger relatives.

Bob Miller,  Casey Miller at the
Goldpanner park, Fairbanks


Extended family

Right:  Jean Farlee

Above two pictures:  
White Swan School

Jerry Miller... an
incredible artist. 
Carved bones and sketched...
made jewelry and painted.

Bob and Margaret....


Maggie on left.

front:  Maggie, Jean, Liz
and Donna. 
Rear:  Susie, Adella, Willard,
Marlene, Nancy and Bob

Family and Friends gathering
for Casey and Gen's 50th
Anniversary.  1986

Dale and Eliza (Liz)

Bob Miller, left...with Casey,
Karen, Steve Dennis;
Steve Kuiken, Todd Dennis,
Sheri Kuiken, in Fairbanks 1976.

Donnie Miller is such
an incredible musician!
Don and Ann have driven
to several towns to hear him!

Family reunion at Sturgis... 
Jean Farlee makes sure everyone
gets together yearly!


Faye (Lyle's daughter),
Leta (Liz's daughter),
Kathy, Calvin Baker's wife

Maggie with cousin
Willard Potter and wife

Clint at Casey's
Margaret Miller 

"History of the Prairie"



Liz and Maggie, May 09


Donnie Miller Photo Album


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Cully Miller





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