Drake and Abigail Miller

Lewis Drake and Minerva Clark Miller

Lucien and Samantha Briggs Miller

Walter C. Miller Sr.

WCM Sr Page 2

(Research and Pictures Greatly Assisted by Chad Miller, NY)




Walter C. (Casey) Miller Book
"It all Began"

Written by Walter C. (Casey) Miller, Jr., 7-4-1910  to 3-26-2007. 
The story of the extended Miller family, depression years,
moving to Dupree from Tolstoy SD, and adventures
along the way.   A hard but happy life.


“And an Electric Chair”

The story of the Walter C. Miller Jr.  family,
written by their daughter Marlene Miller Kundel,
for Casey and Gen’s 50th wedding anniversary.


Letters to Samantha

Celma Briggs, Samantha’s adoptive mother, wrote her on
April 26, 1890, from her home in DeRuyter, NY.   
Celma was 91 years old and obviously worried about
her daughter far away in Dakota Territory. 
She hadn’t had a letter for two years.



Lewis T. “Cully” Miller Fred Nelson Miller
Eunice Miller Baker Hazel Miller Potter
Walter C. (Casey) Miller Verna  Miller Flick
Donald Miller Delbert W. Miller
Inez Miller Boettcher Leighty Spalding/Utter by Keva Joens
Letters to Samantha Gerald (Jerry) Miller
Donnie Miller Photo Album Reva Potter
Eliza Tolvstads letters to WC Miller Sr. Tolvstad, Clark, Miller History
 SD Miller Reunion 7/4/07 1861 Letter to Minerva from Ann Miller
New York Miller Family   Ancestors, Miller and Dennis
Miller letters with history Olson Family History and Pics
1857 Letter Peregrine White, Mayflower
Henry Miller Papers




USS Dennis

The story of the USS Dennis, DE 405, named after RM3c Otis Lee Dennis of Fowler, Colorado.  Includes military records and Otis’ last letters home.  Pictures of the family at the christening of the ship.



USS Fogg

LT(jg) Carleton T. Fogg, pilot, along with gunner, RM3c Otis Dennis, died 2/1/42, after heroic air action against Japanese forces on Roi in the Pacific.  USS Fogg, DE 57, was named for him.  Includes the story from Capt. Norman “Dusty” Kleiss, last living survivor to see them go down.



Fowler High School Menu
1955-1964 Yearbooks

La Veta, Colorado
1954-1962 Yearbooks

Ann Miller Dennis Pottery

Don's Army Service

Making Lefse




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