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Floy Elizabeth Dennis  b 7-3-1916  d 4-18-2003
Kari Leo and Florence Dennis were Don's parents.....
see USS Dennis for the story of Leo's brother, Otis Dennis. 




Above from Sue Dennis Green and Rick Tidwell.   THANK YOU!
My personal notes so I could keep it straight.  (Ann Dennis)

Note:  Every census lists Margaret’s parents as born in TN, except 1900.  Lists her father as born in Ireland and mother in VA.   

1870 Allen County, KY Census:

Dennis, William A.                          24           MW        Farmer                 TN

Margret                                                24           FW         Keeping House TN

Charles L.                                            3              MW                                        KY

Joseph T.                                             1              MW                                        KY


1880 Allen County, KY Census:  (Note:  Obvious the census taker had birth state wrong)

Dennis, W.A.                     WM        35                           head                      Farmer                 KY TN TN  (error)

Margaret                             WF         33                           wife                       Keep House       KY TN TN  (error)

Charley                               WM        14                           son                         Farming               TN TN TN  (possible error)

Lee                                         WM        12                           son                         Farming               TN TN TN  (possible error)

Ally                                        WF         9                              daughter             at school              KY TN TN

Cora                                       WF         8                              daughter                                             KY TN TN

Robert                                  WM        6                              son                                                         KY TN TN

Mattie S.                              WF         3                              daughter                                             KY TN TN

Laury B                                 WF         8/12 (sept)          daughter                                             KY TN TN


1900 Allen County, KY Census:

Dennis, William A.                          Head     WM        Feb. 1845             55           M37                                       TN TN TN                                             Farmer

Margaret O. or D.                              Wife      WF         March 1845         55           M37 (12/9)                          TN Ireland Virginia (Ireland?)

William T.                                           son         WM        Nov 1880                             19           S                              KY TN TN

John L.                                                  son         WM        Feb 1885                              15           S                              KY TN TN

Marvin                                                  son         WM        Feb 1888                              12           S                              KY TN TN

(12/9) next to Margaret marriage years means 12 children / 9 living


1910 Allen County, KY Census:

Dennis, William A.                          Head     WM        65           M47                       TN TN TN                             Farmer

Margaret                                             Wife      WF         65           M47       12/10     TN TN TN

Next door is living son, William T.

(Rick Tidwell)


Information from OVERTON COUNTY TENNESSEE Roll Call 1795-1975


 Overton Co. Roll Call.

Page 568, Dennis Cemetery # 403
Name                           Date of Birth   Date of Death        Other Info
Lucinda C. Dennis      5-22-1863          2-25-1882          d. of C.W. L. and Nancy
John Dennis                11-1-1881        11-18-1881          s. of S.T. & M.G.
Permelia C Dennis        4-8-1838          4-10-1880          w of T. J.
Infant Dennis ???      10-28-1883                                     Inf. of J.G. & N.A.
Rosa C. Dennis            9-22-1884          8-17-1886
Nancy Angie Dennis    3-24-1861           4-3-1933          w of J.G.
James Gabriel Dennis 5-17-1849         4-11-1928
C.C. Dennis                   4-24-1854            7-4-1880         w. of J.G.
E.T. Dennis                   1-21-1878          4-19-1879
C.W. Dennis                     2-2-1974          9-28-1876         s. of J.G. & C.C.
Posey K. Dennis             5-1-1884          9-18-1904
M.C. Marcom                 8-21-1866        12-15-1882
Thomas T. Marcom      1-17-1878          8-17-1879           s. of J.W. & Susan
Grover c. Dennis              ??-1890             9-9-1934           Vet
Mary O. Dennis               1--6-1853           9-28-1906
William T. Dennis          11-1-1845           3-19-1910
Balam Marcom            12-9- 1796           9-15-1878            husb. of Catherine
Catherine Marcom       4-29-1801            2-11-1870
Alice M. Reeves            5--8- 1875            9-27-1877
Adelia Louella Deck  11-13-1864               1-2-1867
Robert G. Clark             4-14-1876            9-29-1877            son of J.W. & S.L.
Anna Pryor                   ??-??-????             8-10-1855
Elizabeth Hummel     10-25-1836             8-25-1884
John M. Hummel          8-26-1832             8-13-1915
Judah Hummel             5-24-1835             12-8-1907
William E. Maynard      12-7-1850             9-12-1856
J.B. Maynard              11-13-1852             9-12-1856
This cemetery is in the Maple Grove Area near Fellowship. The site is on the land of Edward Johnson. The cemetery is very near the Clay County line. Mrs. Pauline Sells was kind enough to pass this data on to the author.

There is also a Dennis Cemetery # 135. There is only 1 name on this one.
Sindy A. Jackson      ??-??-1869          5-13-1901

Notation: There are 6 unknowns at this cemetery which overlooks Eagle Creek. The site is on the south bank of the creek near the Milt Daniel Property. The cemetery is in the Jaybyrd community.

From the Overton Co. Roll Call -Cemetery Records 1795-1975.




December 2009

Dennis cousins:   

   We have some new Dennis lines to add to our family.   This is all so exciting to me.  
One line is Robert Dennis of Covington KY.  His line goes back to Jesse Dennis b. 1803 KY.
the second is Chester Dennis whose line also comes from KY but using the Dennis surname.
Chester's line is believed to go back to Josiah Dennis b. abt. 1787 MD and d. abt. 1850 in Grayson Co. KY.
The third line is Carl Dennis who also comes from KY.
Since Robert can confirm that Jesse Dennis was in KY as early as 1834 and the fact that two additional Dennis lines were in KY very early 1800s,  we have several ways to view this.  
    The line of Carl Dennis and a newly discovered DNA line of Chester Dennis  [Josiah Dennis b. abt. 1787 MD; d. abt 1850 Grayson Co. KY]  probably indicates that we need to research a generation before John Tennison who d. in 1808 in Caswell County, NC.  We assume from his will that this John Tennison, did not have additional sons unknown to Dennis researchers.  As far as John Tennison's brother, Ignatius Tennison, all his family used the name of TENNISON in Caswell Co, NC and in 1810 when they migrated to Green Co. KY.  The person who did the research on Ignatius' line personally went to Green Co. KY to do her research before the internet.  She found no relations using the surname DENNIS in this line.  Some of this line then moved south to MS. all keeping the Tennison surname.  Some of this line stayed in KY and ended up in the 1840's and after in Hart and Metcalf counties under the name Tennison.
    In Green County, KY we also found a Levi Tennison who was not in NC but probably came to KY straight from VA or MD.   Do not confuse him with Levi Tennison/ Dennis (John Tennison's son who moved to Overton Co. TN).   We have a few scant records of Levi of Green Co., KY and his line.
    Ignatius Nevitte b. ca. 1745 MD and his brother John  b. ca. 1750  descend from Ignatius Tennison of St. Mary's county MD.  Some early records  suggested a 3rd son Reuben Tennison b. ca. 1751.  This is one possible lead.  
    A second lead would be in the previous generation. Ignatius Tennison b. ca. 1695  St. Mary's Co. MD was one of four sons of John Tennison and Sarah Lesmaster of St. Mary's Co.  See attached chart pg. 16.   Viewing the chart on 5 generations of Descendants of John Tennison one can find several lines that may have moved to KY and changed their name from Tennison to Dennis.  See attached chart D, pg. 15.  Remember that as far as we know the surname change was not intentional.  The Caswell Tennison /Dennis family could not write.  We have found court records using both names, one document using both surnames in the same document.   If this happen in NC it could have happen elsewhere.   
    I always thought that one possibility of the surname change could be a German court clerk who deleted the "son" from the surname. I believed that I read that in old Germany the son of man had the suffix "son" added to his name.   English writing is very hard to read.  Who knows!
    We need to find a documented descendent from the line of John Sims Tennison [b. ca. 1725] or his brother Henry Tennison [b. ca.]  for DNA testing. If the DNA of a Henry Tennison descendant was a close match in our markers then we have a whole list of 8 males as possible lines including a Samuel Tennison b. ca. 1766.  See chart 15 attached.
    Note that the Levi Tennison, son of John Sims was the line that also moved to Green county, KY.
    If the DNA markers of a John Sims descendant were farther off then I would believe that we need to go down a generation to the possibly of  a Reubin Tennison / Dennis [ b. ca. 1751] brother to Ignatius and John Tennison.
    Those of you who have read my books know, my early research is from Ralph Smith.  He did the most extensive research possible.  He was a court clerk and was very meticulous in his research.  He has written several books on the early St. Mary's and Charles county families including the Tennison lines.   I have a copy of his books and will try to reread the lines of Justinian's brother.    I presented very little on this line due to the large amount of material I needed to cover.
    If you do research on the web on these two early brothers, Justinian and John Tennison,  note that there is conflicting information between some other researchers and Ralph Smith.  I go with Ralph's research.  I can't remember the exact conversation, but I know in a phone talk with Ralph, he stated that when he went back to recheck some original wills at the county court house, he found that some papers had accidentally been switched between the two brothers' estates.  This was back when you could go and view the original documents.  He knew that the documents had been switched because of his notes.  Others who researched after that assumed that the documents were correctly placed, hence the difference in the heirs of the two early brothers.  I will try to call Ralph and discuss our new finds with him and report back.
    I have read some of the web information on the DNA markers and which ones mutate quicker between generations.  If some one is of a more scientific nature, they could explore if the genetic marker  discretion can tell us something.   For example if one marker mutates quicker we would not weight it as much as a marker that is more stable.  this might help us tell the closest of the KY lines to John Tennison line.   
sue dennis green
(with permission)




Dennis Family Genealogy
Dennis Family Tree


Our Family Line:



John Tennison
b ca 1750 Charles Co, MD d 1808 Caswell CO, NC
marriage 1 unknown
marriage 2 in 1797 Caswell Co, NC to Rachel Grant
marriage 3 in 1798 Caswell Co, NC to Elizabeth Betsy Cheatwood

Levi Dennis
b ca 1778  MD; d ca 1875
Susan (?) b ca 1777
married 1800

Levi H. Dennis
b ca 1815 Overton Co., TN
Rebecca Lyons b 1819 TN
married ca 1835 Overton Co, TN

William A. Dennis
b Feb 27, 1845 Overton CO TN  d Feb 28, 1912 Allen CO KY
Dennis, Margrete, b Mar 15, 1845 TN d Oct 11, 1915 Allen CO KY
married 1863 

John Levi Dennis
b 2/27/1884 Scottsville, KY  d 12/19/1961 Fowler, CO
Mattie Pearl Newman b 11-23-1889 Chapel Hill, KY  d 5-1-1975 Fowler, CO
married 2-3-1907 Mt. Olive, TN

Karie Leo Dennis
b 1/19/08 Scottsville, KY d 6/5/1975 Fowler, CO
Florence Wright Dennis Turner b 10-13-1917 Attica, KS  d 4-8-2008 Sun City, AZ
married 10-18-1938

Donald  Dennis
b  Colo Spgs, CO
married 1961 Brush, CO





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