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Dotty Scotty, Bill, Dotty Carol 2005 Scotty, Dotty, Bill Bill, Dotty,
Scotty, Connie
Florence, Scotty's sister. Dotty, (her brother)
Jim Forster, Marty
2002 Scotty, Dotty Bill & Dotty
Adrion, Jon's son Jonathan & Dotty Adrion, Brianna Jason's Family
Will & Connie Scotty, Dotty 2006 Connie, Heather Connie, Will





Bill, Connie

Bill, Carol

Dotty, Breanna

Bill Wright

Bill, Dotty

Carol, Breanna, Dotty

Connie, Breanna

Kelly Wright

Jason, Carol,
Bill, Jonathan

Breanna, Jason

Jason, Kelly

Kelly, Jason,

Connie, Dotty

Bill Wright

Carol Wright

Jason, Carol






Bill, Deanna,

Billy Norman

Connie, Heather


Deanna, Billy

Kauai with family

Will Norman

Bill Norman

Connie and Scotty


Bill, Deanna

Will, Heather,

Bill, Adrion,

Adrion, Bill,





Scotty 06 Scotty, Dotty  06 Scotty, Dotty 06 Scotty, Will Norman
Opening Day 06 Opening Day 06 Scotty & Connie Will & Connie Norman


About Us


We are Dotty and Scotty Wright. We have been on  vacation (RETIRED) now since  1984 and enjoying every day to the fullest. We are  retirees of Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space Co. Scotty worked there 25 years  and Dotty worked 18  years. We have two grown children, Connie, who married Will  Norman in 1984 and have Wills two children William and Heather. Bill who married  Carol in 1971 also have two children, Jason and Jonathan.



We were married in Wichita Kansas in 1946. The next 3 years I, Scotty, was a student at Southwestern College. I graduated in 1949 and taught school in Gueda  Springs and Garden City Kansas. I managed the Western Kansas Sporting Goods in Garden City, and  owned the Hi Plains Sporting Goods in Colby Kansas before moving to  California in 1959 and going to work for Lockheed Martin Missile and Space Co.  where I  retired as supervisor in the computer operations Department.

After our  marriage Dorothy was a stay at home wife and took care of the children. When we  moved  to California she also went to work at Lockheed Missile and Space  CO, in the Microfilm section of the Reproduction Department. She was  the  Leadsman for the Department for several years until her retirement in 1977.  

Upon retirement we built our new house in Redding, California.  We bought a  large motor home, joined Thousand Trails camping club and traveled the  three  hot months all over the western half of the country, especially up and  down  the west coast from Canada to the Mexican border where it stays cool. We  made  several trips back to Kansas to visit friends and relatives. Now days we  stay close to home and the air conditioner. We exercise two times a week at the Redding YMCA club. We take the arthritis water aerobics class and that keeps us  loose and active.

   OUR INTERESTS                               

I used to do a lot of hunting and fishing but  that was in my younger days. Now days since I have grown old (87 in 2006; Dotty  is 83) we can't do those kinds of things. Occasionally, since our back yard is a  Lagoon, which is back water of the Sacramento River, I flip a lure from our boat  dock but our hobbies  are more watching TV. We like sports, baseball, especially  the Giants and  football, especially the 49ers.We also have our special programs  that we watch.   The TV is on about 12 hours a day which should tell you something. I also spend a lot of time at the computer so if you want to contact us, our  E-mail addresses are:

BACKGROUND PICTURE:  Lagoon in the Wright's back yard.



Scotty graduating, Winfield, KS; Dotty and Connie

Scotty and Dotty with Connie and Bill

May 2009, Scotty and Dotty with nephew Don Dennis and wife Ann


Scotty Wright 1941 Heroic Rescue

More OLD Dennis, Wright and Ferguson Family Pictures

Wright Family from Iowa to Kansas

John_Charles_Fremont_Wright Family




The Norman Family

Will and Connie Norman have a seasonal fruit stand, pumpkin patch and Christmas tree lot, which they have run for over 30 years.    


They have Will's two children,  Bill the 5th and Heather.    Bill (5) is currently a Corporal in the Morgan Hill Police Department.   He is married to DeAnna, who is an executive sales manager in the electronics field.   They have two boys,  Billy the 6th, and Matthew.


Heather is married to Todd Pastorini (nephew of Dan Pastorini) who is fingerprint software sales manager  to police departments.   Heather was Director of Corporation & Foundation Relations at Santa Clara University, but now at De la Sal High School to be closer to home.   They have a son Hayden, and a daughter Shelby.



Garden City Music Program


Inside Program


2009 Valentine







      John_Charles_Fremont_Wright Family


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USS Dennis

USS Fogg 


Fowler Menu


Don's Army Service

Delbert Miller

POW  WWII  Ancestors   "It All Began"  
La Veta, CO  Pottery  Lefse  "....And an Electric Chair"

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