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Class of 1958 Fowler High School

Fowler, Colorado


Reunions from 1993, 1998, 2003, 2008, 2010

Pictures from Sandra Koehler


Our History

Fowler, Colorado second grade class 1947

2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Alma Guthals.

Back row: Mrs. Guthals, Mavis Williams, Sharline Rowe, Rueben Castenada, Pete Flores, Karen Guthals, Gary Earl, Jose Hernandez, Esther Romero, Laura (or Susan?) possibly Castenada?, Cathy Pfeiff

Row 3:  Charlie Watson, Sandra Mulenix, ____, Wayne Stamps, Bobby Thomas, Marcella Martinez, Peggy Barr, Edwin Stubbs, Delores Hernandez, Jennie Garcia.

Row 2:  Ann Wolgram, Bobby Arguello, Louise Fosdick, Joane Dillingham, Billy Fedde, Richard Pickerel, Johnny McCaulley, Bill Watson, Sally Rothganger, Sandra Tillotson, Laverne Baker, Jan Stauder.

Row 1:  ____(Watson?), Harold Adams, Arthur Apodaca, Ben Graham, "Jr." Emerick, Dick Watson, Jerry Woods, George Trujillo, Jerry Nichols, Glenn Hoover, Vernon Stokes, Earl Black.



3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Waneeta Lancaster, principal Mr. Lindon Lancaster (husband and wife).

Back Row:  Mr. Lancaster, Glenn Hoover, Carl "Snorky" Pearson, Wayne Stamps, Edwin Stubs, Arzinio Romero?, Johnny Romero ?, Gary Earl, Vernon Stokes, Bill Watson, Jerry Nichols, Billy Fedde, L_onie Buchner, Mrs. Lancaster.

Row 2: "Jr." Emerick, _____, Richard Pickerel, Johnny McCaulley, ____,Jan Stauder, Laverne Baker, Sharline Rowe, Ben Graham, Earl Black, Bobby Arjillo (Arguillo?), George Trujillo, ______, Rueben Castanada.

Row 1:  Sally Rothganger, Sandra Tillotson, Louise Fosdick, Peggy Barr, Joane Dillingham, Karen Guthals, Jennie Garcia, Josie Hernandez, ______, Esther Romero, Ann Wolgram, Sandra Mulenix, Cathy Pfieff.


4th Grade, Fowler Colorado  1949

4th grade teacher, Mrs. Grace Coultrin

Back Row:  Lelani Heagie, Sharline Rowe, Peggy Barr, James McAndrews, Gary Earl, Karen Guthals, Joane Dillingham, Ann Davis, Sandra Tillotson, Pete Flores?.

Row 2:  Louise Fosdick, George Trujillo, Bobby Arjuello (Arguello?), Billy Fedde, Jerry Nichols, L_onie Buchner, Edwin Stubbs, Carl "Snorky" Pearson, Jennie Garcia, Glenn Hoover, Richard Pickerel.

Row 1:  Mrs. Coultrin, "Jr." Emerick, Lloyd Martin, Johnny McCaulley, Earl Black, Laverne Baker, Shirley Wisner, Jan Stauder, Sally Rothganger, Julie Arjuillo (Arguillo?), Cathy Pfieff, Ann Wolgram.


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35th Reunion; 1993

Fowler High School Class of 1958, Colorado


40th Reunion, 1998

Front Row:  Louise, Esther, Jenny, Pat, Sandra, Virginia, Dale

 Behind front in center:  Karen and Sharline.

Second Row: Edwin, Chris, Butch, Patti, Gil, Sally, Laura, John and Don.

Back Row:  Richard, Wayne, Jake, Allen, Kaloma, Pat, Peggy, Joyce, Bill, and Earl.


45th Reunion 2003











Fowler High School, Colorado, 1958
Fowler High School in 1958

Lockers, FHS

Auditorium FHS


Patty Weigand Loven, Sharline Rowe Leslie, Sandra Tillotson Koehler, Karen Guthals May, Jan Stauder Fenimore, Judy Stauder Baker
October 3, 2006

Patty Weigand Loven, Sharline Rowe Leslie, Sandra Tillotson Koehler, Karen Guthals May,
Jan Stauder Fenimore, Judy Stauder Baker


2008 50th Reunion of the class of 1958.  See pages of photos HERE.





Louise Fosdick

Chris and Joyce Baker, Fowler, CO
Joyce (Baker) & Chris Larsen

Sandra Tillotson Koehler's Family
Chris, Andy and Sandy Tillotson Koehler


Bill and Pat (Sullivan) Tatman

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Sandra Tillotson Koehler
Family  Pictures


1958 Fowler High School Yearbook
Fowler Tribune Clippings  57-58
Fowler High School 1958_Sports
2008 50th Reunion






















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USS Fogg 


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