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News stories from Fowler Tribune

(Pictures by Dale Adams unless otherwise noted)

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Steve Metzner (58) and giclee prints of his photos on canvas in the Art Exhibit at Missouri Day.
 Photo from Fran Metzner Vansyoc

Waiting for the Parade to start.           

Roy Fosdick, lead horse.



High: 99
Low: 55


 Fowler Tribune file photo
Wilma Gager and Charlie Buck in April 1996
at a retirement party held in their honor after
selling the Fowler Tribune to Karren “Sparky” Turner.
By Elaine White
Fowler Tribune

Two very familiar faces will be leading the 2008 Missouri Day Parade. In recognition of their contribution to the Fowler community, Wilma Gager and Charles Buck have been selected by the Missouri Day Association as this year’s parade marshals.

Gager and Buck are probably best know in the Arkansas Valley for their time spent as co-publishers of the Fowler Tribune. First acquired by the Buck family in 1909, the Fowler Tribune remained family owned and operated until 1996 when the two retired and sold it to Karren “Sparky” Turner. However, during their time at the paper and in the twelve years since retirement both have been active in the community in various capacities.

Wilma Gager, the epitome of humility and grace, is a little unsettled at being honored with the title of parade marshal. “Who am I to deserve that,” she comments. “It’s an honor.”

While at the Tribune Gager says she and her brother Charlie were involved in almost everything that went on in the community. “We got to share the good times with people and some of the not so good times,” she says. And, it is the people she says she misses most since leaving the paper.

“Fowler is a wonderful place to live,” she adds and notes that her great-granddaughter, Kaitlyn, is the seventh generation of the Buck family to live in Fowler.

Gager loved her work with the paper and especially enjoyed covering Missouri Day each year. “I’ve probably been to more Missouri Days than almost anyone else,” she laughs. One of her favorite parts was the baby contest. “It was always fun to see the cute babies,” she said.  She also recalls the many times it rained on Missouri Day, especially the dances. “Those were fun times watching the cowboys out there dancing in the rain.”

Gager is an active member of the First Baptist Church and also volunteers her time with the Fowler Museum.

“We are so proud of her,” says daughter-in-law, Val Gager. “She is an amazing woman and I’ve learned a lot from her.”

Charles Buck, known as Charlie, is fondly remembered by many as being on hand with his camera at nearly every event and happening in Fowler up until his retirement in 1996.

Buck says he misses it all, dealing with the people, calling on the advertisers, taking pictures. “I think the thing I miss the most though is the people who came bringing news week in and week out, and were always friendly,” he says, “It’s the people that make the paper go.”

Buck recalls covering the news of the community including joyous events and tragic accidents. “Many of those things weren’t too pleasant but they were part of the newspaper work. It went with the job.”

Beyond his work at the paper, Buck could be found around town involved in his church, Fowler First Baptist, serving on the Boy Scout committee, or filling in as the Easter Bunny at the Chamber of Commerce Easter Egg hunt (his favorite). He was also a charter member of the Fowler Jaycees and a member of the Fowler Lions Club.

Looking forward to Saturday’s parade and visiting with old friends Buck, who now lives in Pueblo, says, “It is a great honor. I am very honored that the association picked Wilma and I for this.”


Fowler, Colo.

Two former members of the Fowler High School Class of 1958 will be featured artists at this year’s Missouri Day Art Show.  

Steve Metzner, son of Evelyn Metzer and the late “Fritz” Metzner of Fowler, attended Fowler schools from the third grade until he was a junior in high school when he joined the Navy. After returning home and moving to Neveda Metzner began a career in the tile business which eventually led to owning his own company.

In the meantime, Metzner and his wife of 38 years raised a family. Sadly she contracted breast cancer and passed away.

During his working years Metzner took up photography as a hobby. After his retirement a few years ago, he examined his life and came to some realizations. “I started analyzing my life and came to the conclusion that after 50 years in the work force, working for me, I had accomplished very little, either for myself or mankind. I began asking myself how I could use my photography to help both wildlife and children for the rest of my life,” he says.

Metzner decided to marry his career in tile and his hobby of photography to create works of art in tile murals. He uses any profits from his pieces to benefit children and wildlife.

Metzner has met someone new and together they are raising two foster children.

Recalling pleasant memories of Fowler, Metzner commented, “I remember the freedom we had to explore our surroundings while not being afraid that something might happen to us. Kids now have to worry about way too many things.”

Loni Conder was also a member of the Fowler High School Class of 1958. Conder currently resides in Peyton, Colo., and specializes in paintings depicting the Native American life.

Works by both artists will be on display at the art show on Saturday. The public is encouraged to stop by and enjoy the talent of these and many others.

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