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Row 1:  Mr. Nunnelee, Superintendent; Mr. Quinten Swope, Principal; Mr. Edwin Battiste, Sponsor; Jo Ann Weiland, Paul Weiland, Maxine McCuistion, Sidney Stamps, Mary Jane Waddle.

Row 2:  James Hoover, Donna Kay Speek.

Row 3:  Donna Mae Larrew, William Tatman, Betty Hart, Robert Vaughn.

Row 4:  Jim Markham, Melverta Fellhauer, Darrell Fedde, Gary Dexter, Sonya Henrie, Gerald (Jerry) Baker.

Row 5:  Yolanda Edens, John Ashurst, Alice Mae Bouldin, Leonard Harmon, Marjorie Bonds, Alvin Baker, Linda Barnard, Donald Dennis.


25th Reunion 1982



Class of 1957, Fowler CO

(picture by James Markham)

Front: Maxine McCuistion Adcock, Yolanda Edens Billups, Sonya Henrie Russmann, Mary Jane Waddle Maddux.

Back Row:  James Markham, Sidney Stamps, John Ashurst, Alvin Baker, Leonard Harmon, Donna Kay Speek Youngblood, Betty Hart Ritter, Alice Bouldin Olshefskie, Melverta Fellhauer Bauer, Donna Larrew Hahn.

40th Reunion 1997



(picture by James Markham)

Front:  James Markham, Lois Kindell Pennington, Donna Larrew Hahn, Melverta Fellhauer Bauer, Quinton Swope, Maxine McCuistion Adcock, Linda Barnard Smoski, Marjorie Bonds Henderson.

Back:  Sidney Stamps, Marion Pennington, Alvin Baker, Richard Baker, Gary Dexter, Leonard Harmon, Bill Tatman, Donna Kay Speek Youngblood, Jerry Baker, Paul Weiland, Mary Jane Waddle Maddux, Yolanda Edens Billups.


Reunion held by Class of 1957

Nineteen members of the Class of 1957 attended a reunion dinner at Chiaramonti's in La Junta on Friday evening.

Twenty-five graduated with the class, and two, Sonja Henrie and Darrell Fedde, are deceased. During the evening, the class will, poem, history and prophecy were read. Donna (Speek) Youngblood of Evergreen, CO sang the class song which she had composed in 1957 and a recently added verse.

Prizes were awarded to class members Lois (Kindell) and Marion Pennington for having the most children, the oldest children and the most grandchildren. Marion also had the honor of having lost the most hair. Jerry and Vicki Baker were parents of the youngest child, age 7.   Coming the greatest distance was Paul Weiland, Henderson, KY. Those changed the least were Margie (Bonds) Henderson and Linda (Barnard) Hoover, while Jerry Baker had changed the most.

The group was on a float for the parade Saturday morning and held a family picnic in the park on Sunday. They were joined by Frosty and Marie Harmon of Manzanola (Frosty was the school custodian), by their first grade teacher,  Elizabeth Bersagel, and their fourth grade teacher, Grace Coltrin.

Attending all or part of the various activities were Alvin and Wendy Baker, Colorado Springs; Jerry (Gerald) and Vicki Baker, Huntington Beach. CA; Richard and  Rose Baker, Fowler; Linda (Barnard) Hoover, Manchester, MO;  Margie (Bonds) Henderson,  Pueblo; Alice Mae (Bouldin) Olshefski, Fowler; Gary and DeAnn Dexter, Parker; Joyce (Eddy) and Bob Gouty, Pueblo;  Yolanda (Edens) and Buck Billups, Fowler; Melverta  (Fellhauer) and Jim Bauer, Loveland; Leonard and Yvonne Harmon, Manzanola; Lois (Kindell) and Marion Pennington, Buena Vista; Donna (Larrew) and Ben Hahn, Boone; Jim and Mary Markham, San Antonio, TX; Maxine (McCuistion) and Larry Adcock, Swink; Donna (Speek) and Dave Youngblood,  Evergreen; Sidney and Lucille  Stamps, Longmont; Bill and Patricia Tatman, Manzanola; Mary Jane (Waddle) and Roger Maddux, La Junta; and  Paul Weiland, Henderson, KY. Former principal Quentin Swope  and wife Billie, of Cortez. CO also attended..



Class of 1957 at the
2008 All School Reunion

Maxine McCuistion Adcock, Linda Barnard Smoski,
Marjorie Bonds Henderson, Paul Weiland
and Jerry Baker

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2008 FHS All School Reunion
(pictures by S.Tillotson-Koehler/D.Adams)

FHS 2010 All SchoolReunion
Class of 1957

pics by J Palmer, J Stauder, S Koehler
top: Paul, Sidney, Linda, Jo Ann, Lois, Melverta, Maxine, Jack.
middle: Yolanda, Bill, John, Alvin, Richard, Sidney, Yolanda, Linda
bottom : Richard, Donna, Lois, Marion, Sidney, Linda

FHS 2011 All School Reunion

Marjorie (Bonds) Henderson,
Linda (Barnard) Hoover Smoski

Dale Poage, Paul Weiland, Richard Pickerel, Don Dennis
Mini Reunion March 2010 at Don's House
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Feb 2011,  Class of 1957 in Las Vegas.

Front Left: Teena Weiland, Ann Dennis, Larry Adcock, Maxine (McCuistion) Adcock (57), Paul Weiland (57),
Jo Ann (Weiland) Palmer (57), Melverta (Fellhauer) Bauer (57), Jane and Don Thomas.
Behind  Melverta:  Don Dennis (57) and Jim Bauer











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1957 Prophecy
& Class Trip



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1957   Will


(Thanks to Melverta Fellhauer Bauer for sending the 40th reunion packet with so much information)



Commencement  Program
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link: Fowler Tribune Clippings 1957






(from the 40th reunion materials)

On September 4, 1945, 51 bright and excited youngsters started their schooling career in Fowler Park School. Mrs. Elizabeth Bersagel was our first teacher. The following students started together: Harold Adams, Alvin Baker, Richard Baker, Ruben Castinada, Jimmie Conley, Pete Flores Jr., Bobbie Guinn, Johnnie Hancock, Jimmy Hoover, Chrissy Larsen, Jimmie Markham, Charles Martin, Richard Matney, Daniel Pfieff, Richard Pickerel, David Reeves, Jack Stauder, Jimmie Stewart, Edwin Stubbs, James Tyler, Paul Weiland, Sammy Wood, Albert Virgil, Franklin Dorne, George Trujillo, Val Maestas, Bobbie Arguella, Larry Romeriz, Earl Black, Donald Watson, Laverne Baker, Peggy Barr, Linda Barnard, Lois Barris, Lorraine Castro, Joyce Eddy, Glenda Sue Hill, Sharleen Jensen, Lois Kindell, Maxine McCuistion, Haroldine Ritthaler, Laura Sullivan, Mary Jane Waddle, Jo Ann Weiland, Virginia Garcia, Linda Cordova, Maxine McKechan, Gloria Hernandez, Delores Hernandez, Alice Mae Bouldin, and Laurel Click.


2nd grade

On September 16, 1946, we began our second year of school with Mrs. L. L. Lancaster as our teacher. The following names are the pupils who joined us then: Victor Aragon, Lloyd Adair, Harold Bassett, Richard Cusack, Donald Dennis, Raymond King, Camillo Romero, Raymond Stokes, John Schmidt, Wayne Stamps, Carol Hogue, Iva Jean Larrew, Shirley Mann, Imogene Morris and Donna Mae Larrew.

3rd grade

Our third grade began in September of 1947, with Mrs. L. L. Lancaster once again greeting us at the door with her smile of welcome. The new students who joined us at this point included: Lena Mae Watkins, Agnes Garcia, Connie Dameron, Gary Dexter, Delbert Hanning, Billy Reeves and John Woods.

4th grade

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4th grade Operetta Pictures
4th Grade Valentine Box

On September 7, 1948, we started the 4th grade with Mrs. Grace Coltrin as our teacher. It was with her help that we gave our first public performance,  presenting an operetta. New members in the class were: Sidney Stamps, Richard Lee, Darla Sue Crouch, Mona Rae Lawrence and Lilly Valdez.

5th grade

Mrs. Serena Chappell greeted us in September of 1949 to begin our 5th grade year. New students in our class that year were: Raymond Kincade, Arcenia Martinez, Johnnie Martinez, Louis Plunkett, Jimmie Ramsey, James Shaffer, Roy Stegeman, Woodrow Knight, Alvin Boling, Ernest Mares, Donna Kay Speek, Marcella Martinez, Merrita Turley, Betty Stegeman, Jean Akins and Helen Cross.  The teacher shown in the 5th grade picture is Mrs. Enderud, who replaced Mrs. Chappell mid-year.

And the rest of the story........


6th Grade

On September 5, 1950, we began our years in Junior High, in 6th grade, with the changing of classes and more than one teacher. Our teachers included: Mrs. Serena Chappell, Mrs. Margaret Guthals, Mr. L. L. Lancaster and Mr. Charles Neal. There were no new students this year.

Our 7th grade started on September 4, 1951, with quite a few new students added to the list. They were: Jerry Baker, Darrell Fedde, Leonard Harmon, Norman Heifner, Beverly Bowen, Melverta Fellhauer, Sonya Henrie, Mary Manchego, Marla Kaye Odom, Josie Olguin and Marjorie Walker. Our host of teachers included: Mr. Jack Meakins, Mr. L. L. Lancaster, Mr. Bob Morgan, Mrs. Margaret Guthals and Mrs. Serena Chappell.

8th Grade, Class of 1957, Fowler, Colorado High School
8th Grade

Back row:  James Hoover, Gordon Smith, James Markham, Bobby Pfieff, Richard Baker, Sydney Stamps, John Woods, Paul Weiland.

Third row:  Mary Ellen Manchago, Barbara Gilstrap, Betty Tade, Beverly Corbin, Donna Kay Speek, Sonja Henrie, Alice Mae Bouldin,  Alice Dameron, Mary Jane Waddle.

Second row:  Donna Mae Larrew, Joyce Eddy, Yolanda Edens, Lois Kindell, Jacquie Boss, Melverta Fellhauer, Jo Ann Weiland, Maxine McCuistion, Linda Barnard, Connie Dameron.

Front row:  James Shaeffer, Alvin Baker, Donald Dennis, Jerry Baker, Darrell Fedde, Gary Dexter, Leonard Harmon.

Our last year in Junior High began in September of 1952 and was spent in the basement of the High School due to crowded conditions. Our Teachers were as follows: Mr. Bob Morgan, Mr. L. L. Lancaster, Mrs. Jack Meakins, Mrs. Howard Zollner, Mr. Howard Zollner and Mr. Richard Talley. The new students in our class were Bobby Pfeiff, Gordon Smith, Jacqueline Boss, Lillian Flores, Barbara Summey, Barbara Gilstrap, Betty Tade, Beverly Corbin, Alice Dameron and Yolanda Edens.

On our 8th grade trip we went to Pueblo to the Roller Skating Rink where a good time was had by all.

On May 27, 1953 we received our 8th grade diplomas, which ended our grade school and junior high days, and entitled us to start our High School years.

In September of 1953, 34 green and excited boys and girls entered the hall of Fowler High School as Freshmen. Our Class Officers were: President, Jim Hoover; Vice President, Leonard Harmon; Secretary-Treasurer, Donald Dennis. Student Council Representatives were Jo Ann Weiland and Darrell Fedde. Our sponsor for the year was Mr. Warren Gates.

Those who were new to our class were: Marjorie Bonds, Gloria Martinez, Bill Aragon, Bill Hatfield, Gerald Lanier, Larry James, Carl Lewis and Jimmy Shay.

Our Homecoming Float, "Snow 'em Under Grizzlies" won 3rd prize.

We journeyed to Pueblo to see a show entitled "Brigadoon". Also, the Spanish Club had a supper at Jo Ann Weiland's home, with a hayride following.

To raise funds for our class we had a box supper.

In September of 1954 we became upper-lower classmen, as we gained the rank of Sophomores. Our Class Officers were: President, Darrell Fedde; Vice President, Sonya Henrie; Secretary-Treasurer, Maxine McCuistion. Student Council Representatives were Melverta Fellhauer and Jim Hoover. Mrs. Althea King was our sponsor.

We won 1st with our Homecoming Float, "Tune up to Victory", with Yolanda Edens reigning as Homecoming Queen.

Maxine McCuistion was elected cheerleader.

The Sophomore Class gave a one-act play entitled "Boner's Schoolroom" under the direction of Mr. Richard Talley.

Those joining our class were: Bill Tatman, John Ashurst, Donald Minor and Marion Pennington.

In September of 1955 we became Juniors and were lower-upper classmen. Our Class Officers were: President, Sonya Henrie; Vice President, Gary Dexter; Secretary, Jo Ann Weiland; Treasurer, Betty Hart. Student Council Officers were: Vice President, Jim Hoover; Secretary-Treasurer, Maxine McCuistion. Representatives were: Mary Jane Waddle, Jerry Baker and Darrell Fedde. Mr. Richard Talley was our sponsor.



Betty Hart and Bob Vaughn were the only new members to join our class during our Junior year.

On our Homecoming Float we goofed just a little bit and consequently came out with only 4th place.

Maxine McCuistion and Mary Jane Waddle were elected cheerleaders.

Jim Hoover was crowned "Twirp King" and Jo Ann Weiland was crowned "Miss Merry Christmas".

Linda Barnard was a Majorette in the band this year.

The following were initiated into National Honor Society: Sonya Henrie, Jo Ann Weiland, Maxine McCuistion, Linda Barnard and Leonard Harmon.

Paul Weiland was High Point Boy for Field Day.

We gave our Junior Class Play "Hats off to Grandma" under the direction of Mr. Richard Talley. It as proclaimed a huge success.

Melverta Fellhauer was chosen as a candidate to Girl's State and Donald Dennis was chosen as a delegate to Boy's State.

On May 4, 1956, we gave the annual Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom in honor of the 1956 class of Seniors. The theme was "Deep Coral Mist".

In September of 1956 we finally reached the top. We, at last, had the distinguished title of SENIORS of 1957. Our Class Officers were: President, Sonya Henrie; Vice President, Bob Vaughn; Secretary, Leonard Harmon; Treasurer, Mary Jane Waddle. Representatives to Student Council were: Donna Kay Speek, Paul Weiland and Darrell Fedde. Student Council Officers were: President, Jim Hoover; Secretary-Treasurer, Mary Jane Waddle. Our sponsor for this year was Mr. Edwin Battiste.

We didn't gain any new members in our Senior year.

Our Homecoming Float received 3rd price. "Victory is our Goal" was the theme.

Maxine McCuistion, Mary Jane Waddle and Melverta Fellhauer were elected cheerleaders this year.

Bob Vaughn was elected to serve as Captain of the Football Team.

Darrell Fedde was crowned "King of Twirp" and Linda Barnard was crowned "Miss Merry Christmas". Melverta Fellhauer was crowned "Letterman's Sweetheart" and also was a Queen Candidate to the Arkansas Valley League Tournament at La Junta.

Mary Jane Waddle was chosen as D.A.R. Good Citizen and was also the Drum Majorette during her Senior Year. Linda Barnard was again a Majorette.

Maxine McCuistion, Donna Kay Speek and Mary Jane Waddle composed a Girls Trio, called the "Doodletts" and sang with the dance band.

Our Senior Play "Our Girls", was given under the direction of Mr. Richard Talley. It was a riot of laughs and a great success.

During our Senior Year the following two boys were initiated into National Honor Society: Gary Dexter and Donald Dennis.

On April 28, 1957, we held our annual Senior Dinner at the Fowlerado Cafe, with the profit going to finance the Senior Trip.

Our Senior pictures were taken by Marquise Studio, of Enid, Oklahoma.

May 3, 1957 was the date of the Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. The Seniors of 1957 were the honored guests. Donna Mae Larrew and Donald Dennis were crowned Queen and King at this event.

This brings us up to Senior Week, which included Baccalaureate, Kid Day, the Senior Trip and Commencement.       

In May of 1957, 25 graduated with this Class of 1957. 105 others cycled in and out at some point over the 12 years of schooling.

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56/57 Homecoming Parade





















Where WERE you in 1977?

 Senior Trip to Glenwood Springs, CO

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