Continuing the Reunion in Las Vegas




February 2011
After the summer reunion, Maxine, Melverta, Jo Ann and Ann continued writing Round Robin letters. 
Someone suggested they should get together this winter -  someone else said "How about in Vegas"
and everyone agreed.    So.. a mini-reunion of sorts was held the weekend of the 12th and 13th!

Front Left:  Teena Weiland, Ann Dennis, Larry Adcock, Maxine (McCuistion) Adcock (FHS57), Paul Weiland (FHS57),
Jo Ann (Weiland) Palmer (FHS57), Jane Thomas, Melverta (Fellhauer) Bauer (FHS57).

Back:  Don Dennis (FHS57) and Jim Bauer



 Hoover Dam

The Clarion Hotel hosted the group - trips were made to the TV "Pawn Stars" pawnshop, to see the Ink Spots, the Rat Pack show, others went to Terry Fater, and The Jersey Boys. Two vans full did a night tour of the lights of Las Vegas. Sunday afternoon was spent at Hoover Dam to see the awesome new bridge. They were given a tour of the showrooms, dressing rooms, lighting and sound rooms, at the Clarion. A few put some pennies and nickels in the slots and one fella won $58 on a 20c bet! Good food, stories from the "good old days", 50's music and lots of laughter. It was an incredible reunion!

(Left Picture) Front Left:  Teena Weiland, Ann Dennis, Larry Adcock, Maxine (McCuistion) Adcock (FHS57),
Paul Weiland (FHS57), Jo Ann (Weiland) Palmer (FHS57), Melverta (Fellhauer) Bauer (FHS57), Jane and Don Thomas.
Back:  Don Dennis (FHS57) and Jim Bauer


Three Pictures below from Fowler Gym
from Dale Adams

Painted by Pat Huntley and Fran Metzner


Painted by Pat Huntley


Painted by "Art Class 1958"

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